Tuesday, December 08, 2009

JLSC Advanced Class!

Okay so...Today I...well okay technically yesterday *it's 3.00 Am Sunday morning right now*....I went to JLSC.
It's the beginning of the second semester. Kinda weird. But good.
I have officially been "promoted", as my sensei said it, to the advanced class.Which means I just bumped myself up two levels.It was abit weird at first but I had already met all the people in the class before and they are all pretty cool.
It was a bit sad because my bestie couldnt go but I filled her in on the stuff we covered and so I think she should be all good now. She just won't be coming to the school until January....which is a bit depressing for me.Oh well.

Anyway.It was fun.I don't have a book yet so they had to make a few copies of some things for me. It was a weird change from the book we used in the first class because this one actually had some grammer stuff to it and went more in-depth. I think it might have a few more things in there than the book I am using with my tutor.

I like the way the class was set up.The class goes from 9-12.
The advanced class is divided into two groups. There's us in the regular and then there is the people in the advanced advanced class lol. (we'll just call them AA....hahahaa)
In the first hour us in the regular advanced class work on our stuff and those in AA get a test over the things they worked on the class before (at least that's what I think it was over).
And then in the second hour we switch and AA goes over book work while we take a test over what happened last class, or in the last few lessons.I took it too and I got a few questions. My main stumbling block was the Kanji. I knew some but not a lot of them.Well, in the last hour it was really cool.
The last hour is left for Japanese conversation.Its a bit weird at first...my speaking skills I think still need work for me to think of things when asked something. But it helped a lot. And everyone was really cool about it when I made a mistake or something or needed help with a word. I'm pretty excited to do that again. I want to work on my conversational skills more. And I learned some new words too so that was good!!So yeah that was basically how it went.

My main worry is that I will really have to sit down and review everything in a short amount of time because I want to be at least very close to being caught up to them since I am leaving in March. And the problem is that they were saying that it takes some months to catch up and get used to it. I don't have very many months(counting down the days left in my third, actually). So I hope that I can study as much as possible.
I just don't want to rush through it all and then not remember anything I studied.
But based on the test I took today I just really need to work on my Kanji mainly. I knew most of the things on the test when I saw it and when I was working with the teacher to re-answer some of the things I didn't understand due to kanji. I also realized when we were talking that I need to work on my vocabulary. Although, surprisingly I knew more than I thought I did.
I think that a lot of things I worked on a long time ago with my tutor are coming back to me and that makes me really happy that I havent actually forgotten them. They have just kinda....been resting I think. And now that I get the chance to re-use a lot of that information....It made me really happy.:D

Also in recent news I have been talking to a lot of people on Facebook. It was pretty cool. I know a TON of people now in Facebook who are also going to Japan the same time as me. And I already have some buddy-pals who I know will be going with me from the U.S. so that's exciting.We all get along pretty well. And it is neat to be able to share information and stuff. And I love that I know so many people from so many different places.I...I know people from Norway! NORWAY! That blows my mind in a whole new way. :)

So yeah. Small update.

Hope to keep you guys updated on more stuff as it comes along.
Thanks for reading!

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