Thursday, June 18, 2009

At Work With Dad

Well here I am at work with dad. He thought that it would be a good idea to take me so that I could get more work done, less distractions and all that. I’m so bored. I hate this English correspondence course. For those of you who have had one, you may know how annoying that can be. But in order to get to Japan I need to work hard!…although I still am having problems with getting to it. It just takes so long to get done. I’m almost finished; one more unit+test and then that final test I have to take, my principal will be my proctor.

For now we’ll leave it at that. I’ll write later what the Course entails and what it has to do with my trip. It just takes more than I am ready to write about.

On a less boring and, for me at least, depressing note, I have spending money!
We started a bank account for me a few years back. Now, to be perfectly honest I had been a lazy bum about it for a long time BUT! I now have saved quite a bit! I’m really happy!
And I really hope I get a job soon! I like getting my allowance and all but I really want to take some money to Japan that I can say I earned too!
I am a bit sad though because I haven’t gotten accepted to the places I have applied to but I won’t give up hope yet! And we know someone who can maybe help me get a job so whatever ‘In” I can find I really hope it works because I would like to start soon..

So other than the course I am pretty happy…or at least content. And tired! Can’t forget tired. It seems to be becoming one of my daily tasks, to be tired. I’m starting to have wonky…yeah I said that…sleeping hours. So hopefully I can get back into a better sleeping habit. I always say that I will rest over the summer and instead I wear myself out more. And next year is going to be even more stressful!- even though I won’t have as much school-work to do!

Well I guess I better go for now. If I have the time for doing this then I better make time to get my course done! (that what you all were thinking huh? *laugh)

Thanks for reading!


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