Saturday, July 25, 2009

New stuff!...and Fundraising!

I found out yesterday that my parents got me a laptop! My dad and I got home and he sat down on the couch with my mom. I went to turn on the fan and when I turned around they had the laptop right there! My mom was all like "Oh look at my new laptop!" I was mad for a second (because she already has one) but then they were all smiley and I realized they were joking.
They said it was for me so that I have a laptop to take with me to Japan. So I need to make sure to take care of it. It's a nice Dell laptop. I'll post pictures soon. Maybe today. My laptop has a nice little slot for a memory card so...yay!

Also I'm trying to raise awareness about my blog here and my other one to people.
You guys! If some of you have already started reading please let other people know about this so they may make a donation!
If anyone has some fundraising ideas for me to help me out just let me know!

Thats all for now! Like I said I'll try to post some pics of the laptop soon!
As always, Thanks for reading!

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