Saturday, July 18, 2009

Warped Tour - '09

The week of Wed. July 8th (bout two weeks ago almost) I went to Warped Tour.
For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a tour for a ton of punk/rock/alt. bands who go on tour during the summer all over the U.S.
It's a pretty sweet tour. I had so much fun.
But this was a bittersweet year for Warped Tour.

I absolutely loved it. This year was the best so far. Me and my best friend Torrie, and her two friends, Brittany and Maria, went together...her mom had to chaperone though.
Brittany and I hit every single booth/tent and got TONS of free things like stickers and ads and demos and our AWESOME Sharpie tatoos!
We wondered why we hadn't done that before. Honestly I have so many free things I got, I dont know what to do with them LOL.

This is a sad time though. As we were chilling out waiting for a band to get ready for their set, we were talking about next year and how we were going to do this and just go crazy next time.
I laughed about it and agreed until I remembered I wouldn"t be there next time!
I'm so sad. Because the Japanese school year starts in April, I'll leave in March and be gone from Warped Tour.

I hate to give up fun times spent with friends like this, but I know Japan is worth it.
....That and Torrie promised to get me some cool things (+ a shirt!) and send them to me while I'm gone.
Heh heh.

So yeah. Kinda depressing but...Im cool.
Time sure is flying....

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