Saturday, August 01, 2009

Interviews! Worries!

How nerve wracking!On Friday, July 31, I had two interviews!
Both of which hold very important outcomes for me!I had a job interview at 2.00pm and then I had a Home Interview for AFS! --at 4.00pm

I had so much fun! I got hired! So now I have a job! My family is going on vacation this coming week so I will not be working right away. I need to call the manager of the store while I'm on vacation and then she is going to give me my schedule. I'm going to be working starting when I come back! So now I can start really earning money for Japan!

Donations are still greatly appreciated though!

The home interview was so much fun! I got to say a lot of things that were just too much to explain in a thankyou note or an answer to a question on my blog! The lady was really nice and the interview was actually really casual. The only sad part is knowing that all I have left to do now is wait.Man...after doing so much now for so long it's weird to have to just sit and wait which is the worst part of all. All that anticipation building up. But I'll have work, and school once it starts up, to keep it off my mind.

So here's how the application schedule is according to my advisor.
Since my application is now done completely, she will accept my application on behalf of AFS.She says that acceptance into AFS is a two-tiered process:
First I have to be accepted by AFS-USA
Second I have to be accepted by AFS-Japan. It seems to take at least 4-6 weeks to hear back from them about my acceptance.

The deadline for the application for the Japan Year Program is October 27, but the program may fill up before that date since it is subject to availability. But for me to be eligible for my scholarship I already have to turn in my app. by the 10th of August so I think that I am safe. And the woman who did my interview said that she would send in my interview today, Saturday, so that AFS will have it first thing on Monday. I wonder if I will get a call/e-mail from my advisor about it?

Oh well! I hope everything goes good! And that no red flags came up in my interview!

Thanks again for reading!

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