Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Work, Work!

So today is my first day of work! I'm kind of excited and really nervous. But I hope all will turn out well.
And then also today is the day for getting picture ID's done for school. Ugh. It only makes going back to school soon feel that much more real. Which is kind of unnerving...but probably the point. I really don't want to go. But I must.

So yeah. The main problem here is that I have to go to school and get my pictures and then get my schedule and find my rooms (although I assume I'm in the same hall way so I probably know where they all are anyways) and talk to my counselor all before at least 1pm. Bcause then I have to go to work around 1:30pm to get there on time.

Haha, It's weird saying that. Never worked before. I'm just glad that I can start working to earn money for Japan. And to have some of my own spending money.
But yeah.

Anyways, Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading,


  1. WOW!! You got a job!! i was so sure that in this economy it'd be impossible for teenagers to get a job!

    But you did! Actually, do you live in a rural area? Or a suburban area? Or Urban? And what kinda job did you get? Not like specifically where in the world. But like at a grocerry store, or at target or at a bookstore.

    I'd really like to know where I could get my own job to start trying to save up for my own exchange!!! I want to go to Japan too!!! So, could, you maybe give some advice???

  2. well, I really don't know how to message privately so, you can message me at the eternal_escpaism@yahoo.com!