Thursday, August 06, 2009

Japanese Lunch with the Boys

Okay so...

I know I posted about having lunch with Wyatt, Akemi-sensei's student from a few years ago....aaaannnnnddd.....I know I never posted back about it afterwards.
Torrie (bestie) was there with me so, sadly, I talked to her a lot and Akemi-sensei talked to Wyatt.

Today, I had my Japanese lesson as per usual. And then I got to sit and have lunch with Akemi-sensei and Wyatt and her other student Josh. Funny enough, Josh just got back from going to Japan for a semseter of college in Osaka, while Wyatt will be leaving to Japan in just a few weeks to go to the same college! And this was also their first meeting ever.
It was really fun. I'm kinda shy the first few times I meet someone so it took some getting used to still. But it was nice to see them both again. ( I met Josh briefly one time after my lesson, then he started meeting Akemi-sensei after Torrie's lesson, to talk about stuff before he went to Osaka, and they talked some). Josh cut his hair and has a slight beard, and well...I don't know, I only met Wyatt a while ago but he looked the same.

I liked hearing them talk in Japanese to Akemi-sensei, hearing them speak it all confident-like....That's my goal. It's what I hope to accomplish.
They talked about the college, and the dorms, and food, and money, etc.
I didn't add much to the conversation but I said a few things here and there. But they tried to help me with my elcetronic dictionary to make flashcards. We failed...haha.
Then later on my dad came to pick me up and asked some questions.

Now, in Cleveland there is a Japanese Language School and me and Torrie have been talking about going for a while, at least to sit in on a class and see what it is like. A friend of mine who is a returnee from going to Japan through AFS previously went to JLSC. Josh said he was thinking about going for a while and since he doesn't live too far from us my dad, being the people person he is, did not hesitate to jump at the chance of asking Josh if he would take me with him if he indeed decided to go to the school.
Dad:"I'm assuming you (Josh) are old enough to drive"
Josh:"Uh yeah, I'm 21"
Dad:"Oh! "
Josh:"How old did you think I am?"
Dad:"I don't know, 18...19?"
my final thought at the end of this conversation?
--Thanks dad. Just send me to go on a 1-2 hour drive some 21 year old guy I, and more importantly you, barely know just for carpooling benefits.
**I didn't actually say that lol, but w/e, Josh seems like an OK guy**

Ahh how small this world really is...
Akemi-sensei takes her daughter to JLSC, and now Wyatt and my friend who went to JLSC both go to the same college, and Josh and Wyatt are both previous students of Akemi-sensei and will have gone to the same college in Japan (tho at diff times). And Torrie and I are best buddies taking Japanese from the same person so she knows Josh and Wyatt and Akemi-sensei, too.
I'm sure there's more to it but I don't want to make a whole diagram.
And I've come into contact with all these awesome people and events because I wanted to learn Japanese. Talk about life changing.
Life's good :)

Thanks for reading!

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