Monday, November 09, 2009


So I think you will be happy to know I passed my TB test!
And we now have a doctor's note and everything making it official. And we resent in the application with the new area for the TB filled in.

It was not so bad. The needle was like microscopic...well not that small but it was tiny...and very short. Almost didn't feel a thing.

You may notice all the abbreviations in the heading.

One is for the Forum I visit. LOVE IT. I have made many new friends form there and people I may potentially be with thruogh AFS and just generally meet in Japan. I'm pretty happy.

The second is, of course, Japanese Language School of Cleveland. Very entertaining. We had a presentation of the international classes on Saturday. Super fun. We all introduced ourselves in front of all the Japanese parents of many of the children that attent the school.
I and 2 other students also got to interview the parents. That was exciting.
Great practice too!

And lastly. AFS.
I have begun to be a bit disappointed with them. I will post something later about that but right now...I am losing confidence. And feel like I may not make it to Japan. I have not heard anything from Japan or AFS in general about acceptance. I haven't heard anything except for the TB thing. A week can feel like an eternity sometimes.
I sent an email to my local volunteer as well on Friday. She said she would see what she can find out. It has been two weeks since I last emailed my advisor and have heard nothing.
I hope I find out something soon.

I'll post something late going into a bit more detail about this.
And if I get any news today in my email I will also post that.

Thakns for reading guys,

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  1. I'm also applying to be a exchange student to Japan, except with YFU. If I get accepted I go August 2010. And you? Have you thought of applying for YFU?
    Anyways nice blog I have one to documenting my proccess, I don't have any entries yet but soon.