Monday, November 02, 2009

Tired, TB Test...Ugghhh


It has been a looonnnggg time since I last updated. But there hasn't been much to talk about I guess.
Not much going on.

I have been going to work for a litle over 2 mo now. Pretty excited about that. I am getting a good source of money through that. Like the people I work with, thats good.
I finished the "AFS Guides and Orientations" booklet that they sent me in the mail quite some time ago. Highlighted it and everything just to make sure I got the important stuff. I really hope I don't lose it.

Recently, we got an e-mail from AFS saying that Japan wanted to know about whether or not I got a TB test. Well...we thought we had filled it in. At first we were pissed but then my dad told me to check the app online and lo and behold...we had oh so coneveniently missed the TB part of the medical forms.
So off I went to the doctor's on Saturday I think to get the test.
I really really really hate hate hate shotsss..
So I was a bit wary of this. I wasn't sure what the process for TB shots were but...bleegghhh can't stand needles.
Turns out though that needle is sooooooooooooo tiny. So that was good. Hardly felt a thing. :)
I passed with a negative. So my dad sent the papers back in to them...hopefully we will hear something soon.

That was just a basic update. So...yeah. Nothing else new happening.
I hope I have more to report as time goes on and Japan draws nearer and nearer.

Thanks for reading as always guys ;)


  1. -cue James Bond music-

    Here comes...ANITA! :D Hehe~ I comes to stalketh the blog!

    At least the test was negative~ So, that's good. And hopefully we'll being hearing some from AFS~

  2. I just got tested positive for herpes...