Monday, December 14, 2009

Things that Rhyme with Orange...

So I'm at school right now in the library and I'm totally bored.

I could be writing some stuff down for a study guide but I can't concentrate right now so whatev.

Let's see...
Not much has happened by way of hosts or anything. Thats a bit sad. But it could be any day so I'm trying not to worry myself about that right now.
Recently I got a letter from AFS though that was, like, the actual acceptance letter about Japan....THANK GOD FOR EMAIL.
If I had had to wait that long (think it wouldve been bout 3 more weeks?) to get the freakin letter I would have hurt something. But yeah, it just had some general info about how it might take a while for hosts, to make use of the many resources that AFS has to find out info about Japan, stuff like that.

On Saturday I had JLSC again which is fun and getting easier...sort of, haha.
I still don't know as many vocab words as I'd like but that's okay. I'm learning.
I also should be getting my new book sometime this week so thats good.

OH!!! So my sensei's former student, Wyatt, who went to Osaka for a semester of exchange through his college is supposed to be coming back sometime soon!
I'm pretty excited. And I'm told he has a good time.
I think my teacher wants to set up another meeting time for us to all talk and stuff, so that will be nice to see how he's been and what it was like for him.
....And hopefully this time we will be able to talk more.
I think my social skills have improved some though so we'll see how it goes if we do that.

Also! One of my friends has some sort of secret to tell me. I'm entirely too curious! I'm not going to be patient enough to last the week. But I guess I will have to. I had the option of hearing a hint (which would reveal everything) yesterday....I totally said I'd wait...grr...
But it builds up the suspense. And apparently I'm going to be super excited when I hear and it's totally worth it.
You promised kid. You best keep that. I'm holding you to it. :]
.....You know who you are.
(although I don't know if that person is reading this blog...hrmm...have to check that..)

Well....I have to go...In 5 minutes we will be dismissed to a "Holiday Assembly"...

...Kay gonna go.

Thanks for reading

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