Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well I was a bit depressed on Wednesday.

I had to have "the talk" with my Japanese teacher.
We arranged for when my last day of lessons would be...
...inside I was just like ".....WHAT?!....NOOOO!!!!!"
Its so strange! I remember years ago when I first started taking my lessons, and heard about when Josh and Wyatt finished their lessons, I thought to myself "Oh that's going to be so far from now! I have so much time!"
And now it's suddenly here. Time flew by so quickly I can't believe it. I guess in some ways I felt like I would never get to this point, kinda didn't want to because it's been a whole part of my life for so long.
But it's good y'know? I feel like I'm sort of ending a chapter in my life that has now been able to help catapult me into a new one.
...*siighhh* It's hard to put this feeling into words...
Its...bittersweet I guess...
But I've been so grateful to my teacher for helping me with learning her language for almost 4 years.
But I won't say everything just yet! Not time for that! I can't do it just yet!

*sigh...* emotions eh?

Also this Saturday is the PDO so that's gonna be fun. Just waiting for that. I'll post more about it when I come back.

In more recent news,
many of the AFSers are beginning to get their host families! It's so exciting! Now I'm just waiting for my turn. But I wont be as bad with my patience as I was before I PROMISE! I'm just trying to patiently wait for it! Hopefully it will be soon!

So that's about all, just wanted to put up a quick post.

So wish me luck guys :)

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