Monday, January 04, 2010

Well Now...

Hello all!
Hope everyone had a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR~!
My Christmas was pretty good. Think I got some awesome stuff.
And also got my parents to wake up and open presents at 5am :D
ahh fun.

Well, I felt it was time for an update.
  • January 16th! This is the date of my local PDO!! (Pre-Departure Orientation).
    This is VERY exciting. I'm going to meet all the other exchangers in my area who will be leaving in the coming months. It won't be country specific, just covering the basics like safety, departure/return, cutlure shock, etc.
    It's only going to be a few hours :[ But, I guess I'm happy that I have SOMEthing to do.
    -as an add-on here, I also recieved a packet in the mail from my local area volunteer with some papers to try and fill out at home (and then also at the PDO), so I'll be working on that.... @.@...there's lotsa questions...
  • SECOND!--........ -_- .....School started Monddayyyy.....
    It's been a pretty easy week though. Mainly we did a lot of "reflection" on the first semester and what to improve and such. I hope the rest of the week will be good too.
    I think I had a good break. I got actually a LOT more sleep than I thought I would have. (me+breaks+sleep=....HA! [usually]). I went out some and saw movies and bought a book to read (Jane Eyre...GOOD BOOK), and just basically vegged out *~^__^~*
  • uh my work hours are totally down. We're slowing down a bit so I havent been to worrk much. But I'm still glad to go in when I can. Its just a bit weird. Such a change from when I first started in August, I was there like every day XD.
    We'll pick up though as the month goes on though so that will be good.
  • I have a rough idea of my last day of school and day that I officially leave Ohio. My dad says that I will leave on March 12th. On March 17th I will be leaving to L.A. with my dad and we're gonna hang out there for a last little bit. (We ALMOST were able to stop and see my brother but noooooo my dad had to book the tickets and THEN think that it would be good to go and see my brother....ahh it sadens me TT-TT)

hrmm...there's probably more...if so I'll add it. But lately I have not for the life of me been able to remember anything else thats really happened.

So I guess we'll leave it at that for now.

OH! And according to my Ticker I have 76 days until departure to JAPAN!
o.o its coming fast guys...slowly freakin out here...

As always thanks for reading :)