Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hey guys.

Man I feel terrible. I'm such a lazy blogger as of late. I'm just so tired all time.

So obviously it's been a while, and I've started school and gotten a bit more settled in.

School has been pretty great. The first few days I went there and met everyone tons, and I mean TONS, of people were staring at me and coming up to me and saying hi, telling me their names, and asking me questions. I tried to speak in Japanese a little and I smiled at everyone. And pretty much everything I do here is "KAWAIIII!!!" *cute*. It's really weird. But I'm having a good time. I have quite a few friends in my class and I've become good friends with the other exchange student who is currently here through Rotary. It's just basically been a good time with school.
I'll try to post more about that later hopefully.

My host family is in one word: AMAZING.
I really feel lucky with them. They're very open about things and joke around and they remind me a lot about my own family which at some points scares me but in the good way so it's okay. My only thing is that when I say "hm?" or "Mou ikkai?" *once more please?* because I couldn't hear, they start telling me what they just said but they say it in English. Recently it's been getting better though so we'll see. My host dad doesn't speak any English though so I really have to listen with him. But I'm starting to understand WAY more which is great.

Basically everything has been good. Sorry there isn't more content but it would just take a long long LONG time to fill in everything. Look forward to more posts though. I'll try to post more regularly. Now that my adjustment is getting better though I hope to get into putting more stuff up. Lots of fun things are happening this month.

I should probably go though. I have math homework I need to finish and more letters to write (uggghhh so manyyyy X_X)

Thanks a bunch

Betania :)

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  1. youv got some blogging to do lol.... this one seems old :P:P:P hahahahaa