Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Well then...

I don't know who even follows this any more...I mean God it's been forever FOREVER since I last posted but since a certain person just wants a blog post so much here it is.

Uhm so It's been about 5 and a half months now.
I'm not really sure what to say...

During the summer I changed host families (temporarily), had to say good bye to a lot of friends but also got to know a lot of new ones :)

And before you all ask. The whole change was due to my host sister going to America for college. My host family wanted to go and help her and make sure everything was good and that she was adjusting well :) I miss her! But I can't wait until winter holidays when she comes back :)

For welcoming the new kids we went on a "Welcome Outing" to Kyoto! Super fun!
....I love Kyoto :) SO many good memories there

The weather here in the summer is ridiculous. The heat is intense and it's so HUMID! I hate hate hate it! As my friend said it best, it just feels like the air is sweating all around you. But it's finally starting to get at least a tiny bit colder. It's typhoon season although nothing has really hit so far.
I will never complain about Ohio summers again thats for sure.

I'm studying for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (hereafter called JLPT) and this test basically tests you for your level of proficiency in the Japanese language (sorry if that was a bit cheeky lol). There are 5 levels starting this year, as the test has been revised and updated. I'm going to take level 3 hopefully. Although the studying alone might kill me.

As for now. I'm just trying to let go of all the stress I'm putting myself under.

Sunday we go out! I'm excited! :D


And YOU. Be happy :P

(maybe more to come)

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